The Swede Spot. Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden

As promised. This is Sean:

Let me tell you a story about him, highly related to our trip to Stockholm. So our dates for this trip: Dec 1-2. No big deal. So we all buy our Ryanair tickets, Sean books the hotel (he wouldn’t tell us it was the NordicLights hotel attached to the Ice Bar because he wanted us to be surprised how amazing it was!), and we wait for Dec 1st to come. So the week before we left, Dana emails Sean asking for the place we’re staying so she can look up how close we are to places. Cool. Sean emails us back “Ummmm. I booked the hotel for Dec 7-8 instead.” So we totally thought he was joking and told all my coworkers and we were cracking up. Until we found out he wasn’t joking. We had no hotel. For a city we were visiting in 5 days. That happened to hosting an event that the entire world wanted to go to.

COOOL! So we book the only thing we could find. The confirmation was an email via a gmail acct that says “Excited for you be here.”

We love Sean. We loved him even MORE when he showed us the hotel we were suppose to stay at:

Instead, we stayed in the second half a swedish massage parlor slash nail place, with a handwritten sign on the door and a light up sign above that.. didn’t light up. This below was the lobby, also her living room, office and dining room where she had Tanzanian dinner party with about 20 guests the next night. So this is where we stayed our night in Sweden, after we decided that sleeping in the airport the night before would be a good idea.

So we get to the airport at about 8am, and have to take an hour long bus to the city center. So we finally exit the bus station and get our first glimpse of Stockholm. And let me tell you, it’s absolutely gorgeous, super cute & chic modern trendy with the old town building feel! And the city exists on 14 closely spaced islands, making the exploration that much more interesting!

So we walked around and admired the yellow pink and beige buildings (reminded me of emeryville, urban chic?). There’s tons of modern stores and beautiful people and baby astronauts (haha, that’s what me and Dana called the kids that were bundled up in 1 piece ski suits). And it was near Christmas so there was the cutest outdoor ice skating rink and Christmas markets and wreaths hanging in small cobblestone alleys with family owned souvenir shops!

So it becomes 4pm, and the sun has set around 3, so Sean Josh Kathleen and Tim decide it’d be a good idea to start drinking… FISH BOWLS of alcohol. Me & Dana decide to go shopping… so that we do! I bought an olive oil dispenser. It’s cool huh?!

So it starts raining, HORIZONTALLY, into me and Dana’s face. So we decide that we’re over it and it’s totally time to go back to the hostel and get ready to go out. So, we totally forgot which of the 14 islands we were staying on ( I know, ridiculous. Shush).. so we’re wandering in the rain and about 100mph winds wind walking with our head down and hunched over so we dont get rain directly into our face…. soo miz. So we finally ask a hotel where the closet metro station is, stare at the chart and decide that we can take any GREEN line.. which mean any line that started with Hag Fart Skrag. Hag Fart Skrag. Hag Fart Skrag. Hag Fart Skrag. Hag Fart Skrag. Hag Fart Skrag. Hag Fart Skrag. Hag Fart Skrag. Hag Fart Skrag. Hag Fart Skrag. Hag Fart Skrag. Hag Fart Skrag. Hag Fart Skrag. Hag Fart Skrag.Hag Fart Skrag. Hag Fart Skrag. Hag Fart Skrag. Hag Fart Skrag. Hag Fart Skrag. Hag Fart Skrag. Hag Fart Skrag. Hag Fart Skrag. We chanted that nonstop to the rest of the crew later and they had no idea what we wre talking about.Anyways, so we finally get to the station near our hostel, decide that we need to get some alcohol before going out that night, so we pop into a 7-11. We look around for beer, then ask the cashier if they have any vodka. He proceeds to tell us that it’s illegal to sell hard alcohol after about 4pm in Stockholm, but, if we really wanted some, he could “call his friend and we could meet him in some dark Swedish alley for the goods if we bring cash.” Uh, I think we’ll stick w/ the Heinekin, but thanks!!

This is Dana. Yaaaah. She’s drinking Heiniken. Yaaaah. In our Hostel. Yaaah.

So we go back to the hostel.. where we interrupt a Tanzanian dinner party .. get ready and start drinking. So the above is what our hostel looked like.. Purple curtain separating the living room and our bunk beds!

So this guy at a bar tells me to move out of his way because his friend needs to do pushups…so meet a group of Australians. in Sweden. Who were living in London. then take a cab with them. to an Irish bar. I love random people. I also don’t think I’ve ever sang this loud in my life…. or was so happy to meet up w/ invisible people. HAHAHA, so we didn’t realize that this 2nd pub had a cover and “we had no cash.” So when the group whole group of us headed in, Dana grabs my hand and runs in and goes “OMG ITS SO NICE TO SEE YOU!!!!!!!!!” .. to no one. And so we didn’t have to pay cover.

This guy & his friends names were Basil, Emmanuel and Nigel. aka Matt, Ben and something else normal. Yaaaah.

So the next morning, out of delirum, Dana goes “OMG Cheese!! Is it like Swiss cheese?? because we’re in… wait.. we’re in Sweden.”

So we do a boat tour.. and this is one of my favorites! It made me actually legit want to move to Stockholm and live there! We even saw where Abba and Roxette lived! And there’s such cute trails on the side of the water where people were walking their doors, and a little more “inland,” people were grooming their horses! Your farm house could be waterfront, and so close to the city center… what more could you ask for?! Obsessed. Cities on 14 islands are the new thing.

Then we went to see Vasa, a ship that sank in 1628 and then lifted and fully rebuilt 333 years later. Because the water in this area was so polluted until the 20th century, the microorganisms that usually deteriorate through wood couldn’t survive – thus the better than expected condition of the boat when it was salvaged in the 1950’s.


Skansen: an open air museum and zoo, also referred to as “mini Sweden.” This was the day that I found out reindeer were real animals.. I always thought they were just parts of Christmas stories! So they shipped in the parts of original buildings from around the country and rebuild them in this area so it looked almost exactly like “old school traditional Sweden” would, including the small town feel and the local shoesmith, tanner, carpenter, you name it. So there were bears, wolves, bores (they were a reall big.. “bore”. Ha. ha. ha!) all sorts of animals in this place.. so Sean goes “.. the janitor at my school had a pet wolf. His name was Bojangles.” O.M.F.G.

Traditional Swedish people wearing traditional Swedish outfits in a traditional house playing traditional music on traditional instruments. I think it was a bit traditional.

And here is Sean enjoying traditional Swedish cuisine: a French hotdog!! A close ended bagette, a dog, and some mayo and garlic sauce. Yum!

Stockholm at night. Bye city! I’ll be back to live here and marry a good looking (traditional) Swedish man. Yaaaah.

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