4 Augusts in London

Today I came to the sudden realisation that I have been in London for the last four Augusts and in Europe for the past five (only because it was Carnival and I was counting in my head the number I’ve been to). This really started to freak me out because 1) I don’t know where I will be in six months time (this is a common theme in my life — I think I need to get some structure embedded. Seriously) and 2) That’s In.Sane.

I have also come to the realisation I haven’t been on a plane in — wait for it — THREE MONTHS. I’m getting really really antsy, but the good news is I am off to Norway for a weekend in September, unless I am off even sooner to Amsterdam in a few weeks to film a non televised pilot for a dating show my friends submitted an application for me for.  My life is absurd.

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