Peru-sing the Best Foodie City. Lima, Peru

For as much as I eat, I would not consider myself a foodie by any measure. That title is held by my dear successful friend – Emily Karpin, Director of Communications for Marc Murphy (Crispo please!). Lima, is by far, the most amazing foodie (perhaps up and coming foodie) city I have ever been to. I was shocked. And so was my stomach.

I stayed at two different hotels, both in the Miraflores areas known for shopping and city life. While both of these hotels were awesome, I will probably opt to stay in the Barranco district next time (more on that later).

  • Hotel Miramar: A decent budget hotel with everything you need in the room, including a TV for those of you like me who need it to fall asleep. They also have free breakfast every morning on the top floor. It includes fresh guacamole. Need I say more?  Around the corner from this hotel is an grocery store called Vivanda – Whole Foods-esque with a hot food and everything else you could need for your room. Directly in front of the grocery store is a massage place that offers $15 1 hour massages, $18 if you want hot stone. We went twice in the four days we were there. You won’t be disappointed.
  • Hotel Estelar Miraflores: Right in the middle of the shopping district and just steps away from the famous Larcomar indoor/outdoor shopping area. This hotel was a bit of an upgrade from Hotel Miramar, and so was the breakfast: rice, chicken, yogurt, vegetables all included in the price of your room. I would almost suggest it’s worth it to fill your stomach before a day of wandering, but given this is such a foodie city you will need plenty of room in your stomach.

We did two organized tours while we were in Lima. One around food, the other to slide down sand dunes.

The Lima Gourmet Company offers an excellent 5 hour tour through different districts of the city at an amazing cost of $125 – what a steal!

The tour starts in the lovely Barraonco District – trendy, bohemian and center of all things artsy.





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