Guanajuato (BJX)

My friend Lauren is always who I blame for drunk insanity (I would refer you to my blog about South Korea, but I didn’t write that one yet), so when she said “Let’s go somewhere for Labor Day Weekend! How about BJX? Leon is the shoe capital of the world,” I said “Uhh, DUH!”

Spoiler Alert: There were no shoes to be found (lies, all lies) this weekend, but lots of tacos, guacamole and micheladas.

We flew into BJX (Leon), but opted to go to the town of Guanajuato, an easy 30 minute cab ride from the airport that set us back $40. Since we booked quite last minute, there weren’t really any hotels in the city center available, so we booked the Camino Real ($120 including taxes) which was a 5 minute cab ride from the city and had a pool – SCORE!


After a little R&R by the pool we decided it was time to hit the town. I knew this was a UNESCO World Heritage site and that already means this is awesome.

We strolled around eating guacamole and running into the Juarez Theater and hanging out in the Plaza de la Paz. We spent a good amount of time just sitting, chatting and people watching. My favorite was this group of boys who were playing soccer with a half-full bottle of Coca-Cola. In between kicks they would open the bottle up and take sips! #boyswillbeboys




The whole weekend we ate street cart food, and people I cannot tell you how obsessed I was!! We were actually upset when we had to leave in the morning and no gordita carts were in sight. The sweetest ladies run these carts and the flavors are out of this world. Just say yes to everything – how could you not for $0.70 tacos/gorditas?! #chorizowitheverythingporfavor

UNESCO World Heritage sites have not let me down!

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