Buenos Aires

Things to do in Buenos Aires

The last time I was in Buenos Aires (and never blogged about it), I had four goals: Eat steak, drink malbec, find Evita’s grave and buy a Starbucks mug (um duh).

Eat steak – Don Julio check

Drink malbec – Don Julio check


Find Evita’s grave – first we took pictures of a statue with a woman and a dog, because everyone was doing it. We left La Recoleta Cemetary and then realized that statue had nothing to do with Evita. Good. (Don’t worry we went back.)

baBuy a Starbucks mug – people, I think we walked past 5 Starbucks and NONE of them had any city mugs. The reason? import/export issues. Good to know.

Oh, exchange $100 bills on Florida street – check. It wasn’t a goal but it should be.

This time, I came for a mental health day and because you only go places where you know people! Thanks for living here, Lamia. And sorry I didn’t know you lived here the last time I visited.

EZE to the Palermo was almost an hour in traffic – rush hour? Friday traffic? I’m not sure. Finally got settled at my AMAZING hotel (thanks hotels.com!) Smart Hotel 1828. I should have guessed it from the name, but jeez this hotel is smart. Upon check-in, they hand you a tablet, set up for your room with your name, and you can control everything there: the curtains, the lights (in 20% increments), room service, cameras to see how crowded the pool area is and even whether or not you want a perfume spray to happen every 30 minutes!! As you can see, I ran downstairs when no one was at the pool. I guess this is what happens when it’s winter in Buenos Aires. #waybetterthanhellheatinAtlanta


A stroll to Del Rosedal and Plaza Holanda is only about 30 minutes away. Perfect in this 61 degree and sunny weather with an empanada in hand! Jeez, let me tell people, these people LOVE being outdoors. Guess I can’t blame them when winter is this beautiful! Oh, yeah, and picked up my 38th Starbucks mug at Plaza Holanda!

A few hours of work for Caring Crew and a nap, then off to eat steak. Duh.


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