Day Trips from Stuttgart – Esslingen!

Well, first things first – Stuttgart & Pokemon.

While waiting for Hotel Motel (Holiday Inn… just kidding) One to get our room ready so we could check in, we decided to take a walk around town and head towards the Zoo and Botanical gardens. The walk looked like it would be mostly through a park and green space, and what should have taken 52 minutes ended up taking almost 2 hours!

We started just to the East of the Central Train Station (which btw – many stations do NOT take credit cards!) and just kept walking in Unterer Schlossgarten sipping on coffee, people watching and oh, GETTING ADDICTED TO POKEMON FOR THE FIRST TIME.

  1. I opened my phone, caught 1 pokemon, thought it was cool.
  2. 2 hours, 17,000 steps later I had 27 new Pokemons in my Pokedex, leveled up to Level 6
  3. “Participated” in something of a Pokemon party at the fountain in front of the Museum Schloss Rosenstein where people kept dropping lures (??), all 3 pokestops in proximity were raining glitter and groups of friends were picnicking full on with snacks, drinks and external battery packs.




Since we made it this far, we hopped over the Neckar River to Bad Cannstatt to see Stuttgart’s oldest building (oh yeah it’s a Pokestop – I told you… ADDICTED!) and then took the train back to Central.

Now, on to a day trip from Stuttgart on the train!

From central station, it’s a short 20 minute ride on S1 and only costs 3 euros each way.

The medieval architecture is incredible here and you could spend a full day walking the small streets.


Oh, and catching Pokemon.


Can’t leave without German eats: Weinkeller Einhorn which was unfortunately closed when we walked up, but fear not – Palmscher Bau fed us¬†Champignonschnitzel + Spatzle + Bier (of course!). Side note, this beer scored 20 out of 100 (20!!!!) but I thought it was amazing. I never thought I would describe a beer as creamy, but this truly was. A light, creamy, Heinekin. Went great with my dinner.


Amazing day trip from Stuttgart, Level 8 Pokemon achieved and 27 new ones (for a total of 31) in my Pokedex. Now someone explain to me what I am suppose to do with everything I catch?!





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