Jekyll and more Pokemon around the world…Lord help us all!

Second time in Jekyll for the Georgia Environmental Conference! This time, I stayed at the Westin, beach front and conference center front! IMG_4017


The property that’s being built is part of the famous Jekyll Island Club Hotel, and will be their first beachfront property.


Considering that this island was a previously a hot spot, and still is beach front property, it actually is a very underdeveloped area that hasn’t undergone insane resort and/or commercialization yet. (Although, does the fact I stayed at a Westin with another Jekyll Island Club Hotel under construction mean that tide is starting to turn?).

We ended up having dinner at the Jekyll Island Club Hotel’s Courtyard at Crane (adjacent to the hotel). The Club used to have members such as the Rockefellers and Vanderbilts (umm, currently obsessed thanks to the Gloria Vanderbilt + Anderson Cooper HBO interview I watched on the plane back from Stuttgart!), but was closed down and then re-opened and is now going to be the hotel I stay at the next time I am here on a PERSONAL trip!


My scallop + shrimp over pesto risotto was great, but for dessert, we decided to order a cheesecake, wrapped in a tortilla, and deep fried. Holy cow … AMAAAAZING!


Okay, guys, I’m addicted to Pokemon. 2 days ago I was in Stuttgart and left at Level 8. There is a serious lack of Poke stops and pokemons available on Jekyll, but I managed to catch a few new ones including Magnemite AND get to Level 11 by the time I left. I owe this partially to the fact that the airport at BQK does not open the TSA security line until about 45 minutes before the flight leaves, so I spent a fair amount of time walking around the parking lot scouting!


Scary Note: Exactly 1 week after I started in Stuttgart, I’m on Level 15 with 54 in my Pokedex. What am I doing with my life???!!

So the coolest part about Jekyll (and maybe of Georgia!!) is Driftwood Beach, also known as the Gothic Tree Graveyard. I’ve seen photos of this for YEARS of these trees left to erode from the waves, but it really does blow you away in person. Also, as I was walking around taking photos, I was convinced the trees were about to come to life and strangle me. Just me being crazy…? Probably.




Jekyll: Espresso yourself soya have a latte fun, beaches!





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