37 hours of travel to check off country number 62 means one thing for sure – JET LAG. Nothing makes jet lag worse than taking a nap everday. Day 5 and I am still anything but adjusted to the time.

We started in Ubud, a 400,000 rupiah cab ride from the airport. Traffic was pretty terrible so it ended up taking 1.5 hours. We got dropped off at Hotel Tjampuhan, and this place is paradise. It’s essentially a hotel carved into the side of a mountain, and the attention to detail is nothing short of amazing. The property sits on Walter Spies property (the man responsibility basically for bringing tourism to Bali) and boasts some serious lush views from every corner.

And the spa. The spa. Outdoor treatment where you are looking into lush jungles and listening to the river right below, topped off with an amazing little grotto soak and a swim in the pool.

Hotel Tjampuhan is about 10 minute walk from the start of the main drag (Ubud Palace area) but very close to two great restaurants: Bridges and Cafe des Artistes. And, the walk into town might be one of my favorite spots in Bali …. when trying not to die anyways. How magical is this?!

While scrolling through Instagram I saw a friend of a friend who I met once in Boston was also in Bali. 12 hours later, ran into her outside the Monkey Forest. I love stories like this! 

And the Monkey Forest. Legit one of the most terrifying things I’ve ever done. 🙈

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