Guat’s up, peeps?! Girl, Antigua is LITCHRULLY one of the most photogenic places I’ve ever been. [also: Cartagena and Cinque Terre] It’s also such an easy trip from Guatemala City Airport. Plus, it’s a UNESCO World Heritage site and that means GO NOW.

When you exit the airport, turn to the right, and there are typically small white mini vans. These shuttles take you straight to your hotel in Antigua and cost $10 per person. They say they will leave when they “fill up,” but really we had 3 people in the car and the driver took us. One time, they didn’t put us on a shuttle but instead in a taxi. Not terrible, but definitely not as comfortable or roomy as the shuttle bus and it’s the same price!

Traffic in Guatemala City is pretty rough, while Google Maps might say the ride is less than an hour it’s taken up to 1 hour and 45 minutes. #GuatTheEff

Let me tell you, 5 minutes after the first  time I arrived, I was convinced I was moving to Guatemala like, IMMEDIATELY. #GuatWasIThinking

We checked into Hotel Sor Juana, which is on the very east side of town but only a 7 min walk max into the center since. The first thing they did was offer us some agua de jamaica (hibiscus tea – I didn’t realize it was this for a long time!) and then showed up the rooftop where breakfast would be served the next morning. Umm, and then I said “Guat have I been doing with my whole life and WHY do I not live here?”

On another trip, we stayed at Casa Santo Domingo. It’s an ex monastery, turned museum and hotel. Let me tell you, the grounds here are amazing and there will be no shortage of ooh-ing and ahh-ing EVERY corner you turn.

The monastery was partially destroyed in an earthquake, but parts of it have also been turned into an event center.  We went for walks every morning and night we stayed there and STILL always something new to discover.

The restaurant here? Also amazing. Breakfast (in the middle of the ruins!) consists of fresh, handmade pupusas, literally made in front of you (I may or may not have had 4 per morning), plus rice, chicken, plantains, fruits, bagels, muffins, cereal – literally everything you can think of.

 Dinner at El Refectoria del Prior - in the hotel. YUM

Dinner at El Refectoria del Prior – in the hotel. YUM

Funny story to compare to the above. I LOVE trying McDonald’s in different countries. Cheese bites w jalapenos in Denmark? I’m in. Fried chicken in Panama? DONE. I think my all-time fav has to be this breakfast (which actually looks way too similar to the gourmet meal above).

I’m telling you. This is a now a tradition everytime I fly out of GUA. Once you go through security, make a left and it’s in the food court. Uno breakfast tradicionale, por favor!! #dontjudgeme #idontcareifyoudoactually #Guatever

A stroll through town in what was previously Guatemala’s capital.

There are a ton of restaurants in Antigua that was in old colonial buildings. You want through the front, expected to be seated indoors when you’re pleasantly surprised with courtyard style seating and a view of the mountains!

This is at La Fonda de la Calle Real. Not only do you dine with a view volcanoes, you get to watch them make fresh tortillas!

If you know me, I google “hotel with a view” and “bar with a view” and “best place for view” literally everywhere I go. I have a problem. Maybe we can view it as an obsession.

We stopped by Cafe Sky, which was a rooftop bar. However, it was pretty late so the view wasn’t the most spectacular.

Right across the street was Cafe No Se, and we stumbled in – like, litchrully stumbled in because this place is PITCH BLACK with the exception of like, 1 candle. Aka, it was AWESOME and I thought a bear might pop out somewhere because I felt like we were camping in the wilderness.

The only thing they have here is mezcal and beer (see the menu below), so a Mezcal Mule it is. This place is so awesome I’ve been back every trip! Also, they sell t-shirts as awesome souvenirs. #justsaying

Also for epic views, don’t miss Cerro de la Cruz (Hill of the Cross). Best views of Antigua and probably best early in the morning when it’s clear and you can fully see the volcanoes. #tshirtlife

PS – Shoutout to Caring Crew, reason #8237182 why I love Guatemala! #GuatDaughters #GuatTheEff #GuatAreYouDoingWithYourLife

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