Ok. My request for my last meal on earth has long been seafood pasta (maybe with some xiao long bao + some lobster noodles + coffee ice cream or a drumstick and also some mac and cheese as an appetizer). But after last week I might be on the cusp of choosing pizza from Naples instead. Maybe as an appetizer or a dessert or something.

Also as a side note, I bought myself a mirrorless camera before this trip and busted it out during the solar eclipse to take it on a test run. Then, I forgot to put the SD card back into the camera and I didn’t realize this until I took maybe 50 photos in Naples!! #idiot. So, if photos are lacking in quality and quantity, you now know why….

Naples, close enough for a short trip from Roma or known as a great gateway to Amalfi (which is what we were doing). From Roma airport, it’s a 14 euro train to Roma Termini (central station) and then a 25Euro + (depending on the speed of the train and the class you prefer) to the Napoli train station. All in all, you can get from Roma airport to Naples in about 2 hours. We bought tickets the day of, at the stations, from a kiosk. Super simple.

Opted to stay by the train station @ Hotel San Pietro.  I wouldn’t say this is the best location but dragging a suitcase wasn’t ideal and we were here for less than 24 hours.


Then comes the pizza. We walked from the hotel down Via dei Tribunali, stopped for a drink and then decided to eat at Antica Pizzeria Port’Alba, possibly the first pizzeria EVER. #apizzahistory or #pizzamyheart #thatsmyWIFIpassword #seriously.


Thin crust, soupy center, san marzano tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella and basil. #lifemade  #soeffingGood


We left here and got to Di Matteo at 7:25. They opened at 7:30 and we managed to get a seat in the small room (where the ladies room is). Score! Little did we know we were lucky to have eaten a pizza 5 minutes ago, because we would be the last room to be served and we only got our pizza at 9pm (after many, many beer re-orders!). Verdict? Best. Pizza. Ever. #shouldhavegottenonetogo

Small World Story: Di Matteo has three dining rooms and the room we were in had 5 tables. When you wait for 1.5 hours while drinking and not eating you get to know your neighbors quite well … well I mean, at least what they look like. The back story is that we were in Italy for a wedding in Ravello and were heading there the next day. When we got to the welcome dinner, a couple came up and asked “Were you eating at Di Matteo last night? We were in the same room waiting for pizzas also!” Yes, of course I remember you! 

A few days later, we were leaving lunch in Ravello and two people sitting at the table next to us at Di Matteo’s walked IN! #ilovetravelstories

Sadly, I never saw any one from the other 2 tables in our room again. 


We asked for the bill and they told us just to walk to the till. I didn’t have a receipt so I wasn’t sure how this was going to work…but they just asked us to point to our table on the cameras! #WHAT #mindblown


By the time our area left (9:30 or so), the street was PACKED in front of Di Matteo. They also have takeaway as an option. Word of advice: Get in line closer to 7, especially in the summer. OR, eat an apizzatizer before heading here to avoid hanger.

I wish I had taken a pic of this (I know, what is wrong with me), but it was so hot walking around we stopped in a random coffee shop basically for anything cold or iced. One of the guys pointed to something on the menu and said it was HOT COLD coffee. Sure why not, when in Naples! Peeps, it was the BEST THING EVER. A shot of frappachino topped with a shot of espresso. I’m sure it’s somewhere in the family of affogato but HOT COLD is my new jam. *flashbacks to Morocco*

Four pizzas + some hot cold = all you need in Napoli


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