The first time I ever went to Tokyo, I realized that I had never been to a big city in my life! I think there are only two words to describe this place: insane + efficient. Apparently, for those who love video games, visiting Tokyo means the video games now make sense and incorporate parts of real life. I got none of that, because I know nothing about video games.

1. First off, RAMEN.

Ramen street in Tokyo Station… I mean, you can’t really go wrong, except for finding this place. I would literally describe this place as the most well-oiled machine ever and also the center of pure chaos. I’ve literally never been in a busy train station until I stepped foot in here.

For all of the shops you order from a vending machine, then when you’re seated the food just magically appears. Done. Rokurinsha always has the longest line for the tsukeman noodles (the noodles and the broth come separately). But PRO TIP: This place opens at 8am, so if you’re jetlagged, show up at 8 for brekkie ramen — NO LINE and it’s just soup-erb.

After 5 trips to Tokyo and many bowls of noodles consumed, my fav to date was actually at Ra-Men Bankara, a chain that exists further than Japan. We actually ended up here when we were by Ikebukuro station because Mutekiya, the original ramen shop we found, had a line and I don’t do lines. And I will always ramen-ber this day. #noregrets #thatbroththough

2. The 7/11s. Yes, this is my second favorite thing about Tokyo. Call me crazy… the amount of incredible snacks and little details that scream efficiency is MINDBLOWING. The canned drinks can be served hot or cold, so one fridge is heated and one is cooled.

Every (college-poor styled ramen) you could think of. What a great brekkie. #chooseblindly

3. Tsukiji Fish Market. Worth getting here at 3:30 am to watch the live tuna auctions? Yes. And that’s coming from someone allergic to fish (with scales) which means my sushi eating is slim to none.  They only allow 120 people per day, and they keep you in a “holding room” from the time they count you off until 5:25 am when the first group of 60 is allowed in.  This holding room may be the most unique people watching spot ever — people coming straight from bars, straight out of bed, or straight from the airplane (that was us).

4. I have a CB2 display item where I hang “shit I got from Japanese vending machines.” It’s like a year round modern Christmas tree or something you find in Diary of the Life of  Hoarder.

You put in money and pugs come out in capsules!!

5. Hitachino Nest Brewery. Prime location in Akihabara for a beer + snack.

6. Robot Cafe. I’m a little torn on this one because I feel like it almost epitomizes the craziness that is Japan, but at $80 a ticket only the last 10 minutes was worth it. If do go, don’t eat there! But I mean seriously, WTF?! #PsychoDelic

7. Piss Alley. Right around the corner from the Robot Cafe for a late night drink.

8. Cat cafes. Yeah, I’m not sure about this. A few people were truly relaxing and playing video games/drinking coffee here, but I was ready to leave. Next time though, pug cafe!

9. All the crazy drinks. Milk tea from 7/11 is given every day (multiple times a day). Why does this not exist in the US?! Ugh #getwithitpeople

Coke had this creative label on their plastic bottles during the holidays. You pulled on a string and the outer layer of the label would scrunch together into a bow!

Also… apple water? Not a fan.

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