“I want to go to Quebec while it still looks like a snow globe.” – Emily

Pros: It looks like a snow globe.

Cons: We had to walk backwards because it was cold AF.

We took the train from Montreal, 3.5 hours and Emily brought “a few snacks.” Aka, Montreal style bagels from St. Viateur and a couple of sandwiches and sides from Swartz deli.

We stayed at an Airbnb in old town, super convenient to walk everywhere we wanted to, including the 10 places we ate at in the span of 40 hours:

Kraken Cru: amazing menu, SMALL spot.


Chez Joules: a cute place for dinner after exploring Old Town. 


Cafe La Maison Smith: We stopped by here both mornings, and I got the flaky croissant and a coffee both mornings. The one on Rue Notre Dame in the Petit Champlain area has front row views of the snowglobe that is Quebec in February!


J.A. Moisan: the oldest grocery store in North America.


Brunch at Le Pied Bleu with all of the meats. Try to get the table INSIDE the window. 

Bistro Sous le Fort. On Petit Champlain, and probably the best French Onion soup we had (and we had 3).

We stopped by be clue bistro bar for a little “off the beaten path” pre-dinner drinking session. This counter shows their Facebook likes! We tested it multiple times, it’s legit! #easilyamused

For dinner this night, we went to Legende. They use all local ingredients, which means none of their dishes use pepper or olive oil! They do import their wine though. My favorite was the mushroom pasta. “It tastes like DIRT.” – Emily. Me: I LOVE IT.

Chic Shack: Not my favorite meal of the trip. We were standing outside waiting for them to open at 10:50 am…partially because we were tired of walking backwards to avoid freezing wind! The poutine came with potato wedges so obviously we had to order fries.

For all the minutes we had between meals, we basically walked around the Old Town area. We did the toboggan ride right outside the Fairmont. It’s only $3. You pay, get your token, and then stand in line and wait for someone else to take the ride and hand the sled off to you. Then, you walk the sled up yourself. #thatswhyitsonlythreedollars


Verdict: Yes, it was worth wearing 2 pairs of pants at all times.

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